ENDORSEMENTS: Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & Defense
“A short course in lean thinking, told in reader-friendly style.”
– Donald E. Westerheide, Vice President, Lockheed Martin

“Provides a great understanding of World Class Manufacturing as a strategic weapon.”
– John R. Black, Director, World Class Company Studies, Boeing Commercial Airplane

“Creates retained understanding of huge impact of creating and manufacturing a cost effective, quality product.”
– Ronald F. McKenna, Chief Operating Officer, Aerospace, Sundstrand

“A great easy reader - facilitates understanding of Lean Manufacturing concepts - highly recommended!”
– Jon Enwiller, Lean Manufacturing Manager, AlliedSignal Aerospace

“Short, to the point, and easy to read; I like the book very much.”
– Stan Biga, Chief, Resource Development, Sikorsky Aircraft

“We at last found a book we can relate to; all the key issues we face today in readable, concise and understandable form.”
– James D. Lang, Director of Technology, New Aircraft and Missile Products, McDonnell Douglas Aerospace