ENDORSEMENTS: Media & Educators

Media & Educators
“A quick intro to concepts of advanced production, in an easy-to-read format.”
– Jim Treece, Senior Correspondent, Business Week magazine

“Simplest explanation of what it takes to achieve manufacturing excellence.”
Training & Development journal

“Easy-reading book that will give you a quick education.”
Design News journal

“Illustrates the principles of 21st-century manufacturing.”
Quality Progress journal of ASQ (American Society for Quality)

“A story that says it all, providing great insight...one of the best general quality manufacturing books...the essence of just in time and total quality management manufacturing practices...suitable for shop floor or boardroom analysis...both novice and seasoned quality practitioners will find this book useful.”
Quality Progress journal of ASQ (American Society for Quality)

“Teaches the basics of TQM and JIT in 45 minutes.”

“Introduction to a topic that allows the reader to first understand the importance of material presented and then how it may applied at their particular site.”
Managing Times journal

“This book has everything – entertaining story, illustrative examples, demonstrations of implementation techniques – and a fantastic discussion guide.”
– Bibliochat.com

“Illustrates the contribution of high quality to competitiveness ...spans the complete life cycle of a product...explains clearly how to efficiently attain high quality.”
– AmericasManufacturingAuthority.com