All That Matters About Quality I Learned in Joe's Garage

All That Matters About Quality I Learned in Joe's Garage
All That Matters About Quality I Learned In Joe’s Garage: High Quality Made Simple is the second book in the Joe’s Garage series, following the international bestseller All I Need To Know About Manufacturing I Learned In Joe’s Garage. Also a bestseller, it has ranked #1 in Quality books at Barnes & Noble.

Joe’s neighbors and colleagues once again gather in Joe’s garage for a home project. This time they are engaged in an ambitious endeavor requiring top quality as well as high productivity and low cost. The story covers the entire life cycle of a product, from an idea in someone’s mind to disposition after the product’s useful lifetime. It includes product planning, design, production, delivery, maintenance, and support. Joe and his team struggle to overcome numerous obstacles during their dramatic drive to achieve high quality while simultaneously excelling in cost and schedule performance. Their success is a tribute to the power of the right quality tools.

The book is written in the same easy-reading style as the first Joe’s Garage book. It is a classic teaching fable that can immediately improve the work quality of any organization or individual. The book includes a Discussion Guide and a recap of key points regarding quality. It has been enthusiastically endorsed by numerous media personalities, educators, and business leaders. (Click on Joe's Garage Endorsements below.)

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Authors: William B. Miller and Vicki L. Schenk
Price: $11.95
Binding: Trade softcover
Pages: 176
ISBN13: 978-0-9630439-7-9
e-ISBN: 978-1-886622-04-3

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